Yard and Garden Products to Avoid

Yard and Garden Products to Avoid

Residential GardenWhen it comes to taking care of your yard and garden, there are many products that can help keep it greener, make plants grow faster & bigger, feed birds & animals, kill certain plants & bugs and offer many other solutions. While these products can offer benefits, there are times where these products meant to help end up hurting your lawn.

It’s critical that thorough research is done on any product before it’s put to use. Here are a few cases where products made to help lawns ended up hurting plants & wildlife.

DuPont Imprelis

dupont imprelisDuPont developed a product called Imprelis that was recalled back in 2011. Despite DuPont’s claims that this product was  “the most scientifically advanced turf herbicide in over 40 years,” it’s use lead to multiple class action lawsuits alleging that the use of their Imprelis Herbicide has resulted in a large number of tree deaths. Willows, Poplars, Eastern White Pine Trees, Conifers, Evergreen Trees, and many other tree species have been killed.

Scott’s Miracle Gro

The Guardianscotts wild bird feed reported that the Scotts Miracle-Gro company added pesticides, Storcide II and Actellic® 5E, to their wild bird feeds to prevent insects from consuming the products during storage. Neither pesticide is licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use in bird foods. As a result  many birds died and Scott’s would pay a fine of $4 million and give an additional $500,000 to help support wildlife study and preservation.

Trust The Professionals

Before you buy that next product for your lawn, talk to a professional first. While yard & garden products may look helpful, you run the risk of causing substantial amounts of damage. A Professional can help diagnose your problem to solve the root of your issue, not just the symptoms. This is typically done with the use of chemicals such as herbicides & pesticides selected & applied professionally, or by creating an environmental program consisting of organic input & methods. Contact us today to diagnose and remedy your landscape issues the right way.

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