Residential Patios & Walkways

Residential Patios, Walkways & Walls

Connecting your home to its outdoors with properly designed and specified walkways and patios will tie multiple spaces together and create cohesiveness in look and use. Starting with design ideas you provide and we fine tune through installation using trained technicians will render a professional result.

Our Manufacturer

Belgards locally made, nationally backed products have transformed thousands of residential landscapes across North America Since 1995. Their years of product excellence, and support with the latest advances in materials and design make them our go to brand.

Residential Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are the landscape’s version of indoor walls-a means of keeping soil between two different elevations, often in areas of terrain with unwanted slopes or where the landscape needs severe shaping. The construction of retaining walls requires the talents of professionals from Atlanta, Georgia’s reputable landscaping company Classic Landscapes. For more than 15 years, Classic has continued to heighten the look and functionality of residential outdoor environments with high quality retaining wall construction, which not only provides beauty but also stands the test of time.