Outdoor Living Space Trends and Tips for 2015

Outdoor Living Space Trends and Tips for 2015

Outdoor Living SpaceWith the new year, maybe it’s time to start thinking about sprucing up your outdoor living space. If for various reasons you’ve kept the same landscape for the past few years, you could inject some vitality into these spaces without a complete makeover – just to make them more relaxing.

Lawn and garden experts already have an outlook of the year ahead and it all looks so promising. Here are 6 top trends to incorporate on your lawn for a revitalized appearance.

Eco-conscious Plants

The society is becoming increasingly socially responsible which is a very positive trend. The world of landscaping isn’t left out. Plants are inherently eco-friendly, playing a critical role in general well-being. However, to consumers, all plants are not the same. Products that are environmentally friendly but equally safe for pets and children are your best choice. According to a report by the Garden Media Group titled “2015 Garden Trends,” blueberry plants are great for your gardens and lawns because they come with invaluable health and wellness benefits.

Edible Gardens

In the past, homeowners concentrated on mixing flowers and vegetables in the gardens to enhance the aesthetic appeal while creating a source of fresh vegetables for the family. As a result, harmonizing the existence of the two consumed a big part of gardening time.

The new trend is to blend edibles and ornamentals to create a “double-duty” garden that offers a bountiful of harvest of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. For instance, tuck your tomatoes in your roses or throw in some asparagus plants in your raspberry bushes. Chili peppers are also a good option. Before they end up on your dinner table, use them as little ornaments that spice up your gardens.


Fashion-defining hues will no longer exist just in the interiors. 2015 is the time to get them out. Colorful blooms are a refreshing breath, instantly add pops of color to your garden, and significantly uplift the aesthetics of your lawn. Consider incorporating varying shades of pink and pastels in your gardens and lawns and see what happens. Also, you should be carrying your bulbs in light and airy tones.

Color can also come from outdoor furniture. Speak with our landscaping professionals today for ides on the best furniture colors for your outdoor spaces.

Bees, Birds, and Butterflies!

2015 will also see more gardeners opt for plants that attract bees, birds, and butterflies. With news of a declining bee population in North America, maybe it’s time to force these little winged critters to your yard. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of plants that can attract bees. Start with Hyssop and Yarrow.

Butterflies aren’t too choosy as well but they tend to favor brightly colored flowers. Basil is a great option as its one of their favorite nectar plants. Violets are also a good choice since it acts a host plant for most butterflies.

To attract birds, install a bird bath or a mini pond. Ensure that the water depth is no more than 3 inches.

How Classic Landscapes Can Help Spice Up Your Outdoor Living Space

You could also consider improving garden lighting by customizing it to highlight your walkways, garden pool, entryways and so on – the list is endless.

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