Learn How to Preserve the Beauty of Fall Foliage

Learn How to Preserve the Beauty of Fall Foliage

Fall LeavesFall is one of the most colorful times of the year thanks to the foliage leaves. It’s never enough to just live through Fall. Many people wish they had a way of keeping the memories. But they never realize that the chance is always there with them every year-Fall foliage leaves.

There are three main reasons why you really should preserve foliage leaves:

  • Decoration: Preserving the leaves is one of the greatest ways to decorate the home in autumn. You can use the leaves to make wreaths, beautify your chimney piece and on the dining room table by making a centerpiece. You can also use them to decorate your outdoor space.
  • Fun: You can collect and reserve foliage leaves as a fun project with your children.
  • Memories: When you are preserving foliage leaves you are preserving great Fall memories.
  • Collecting Leaves

    Before you can preserve the, however, you need to collect them. When collecting the leaves, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Leave the ones that are dry and have curled corners.
  • Some leaves have brown spots. This indicates the start of the decaying process. Do not collect such.
  • Insist on flat leaves and do not collect those which have already been damaged by passers-by or rain.
  • Steps to Preserving Leaves

    After collecting the leaves it’s time to preserve them. There are four methods of doing so:

  • The easy way of pressing them: It is one of the ancient methods but not the best as it does not focus on the leaf staying at its best.
  • The advanced method of pressing: It’s the more advanced method of preserving the leaves.
    i. Clean off the leaves and lay them on a piece of waxed paper which is on top of some thick cloth or towel.
    ii. On the leaves, lay one more waxed piece of paper.
    iii. Then on top of all that lay another cloth similar to the previous to make a sandwich of sorts.
    iv. Carefully iron the top towel with your iron set on medium to melt the wax around the leaves. However, do not scorch the wax.
    v. After the wax has melted, give it time to cool the cut the leaves out from the wax but leave the border of wax around the leaves to reduce chances of creating a hole where dust and moisture could get to the leaf and damage it.
  • By use of glycerin and water: The leaves are soaked in a flat glass containing a solution of water and glycerin. The water should be twice the amount of glycerin. The leaves are then left in the solution for a period of six to seven days during which they soak up water and glycerin. This makes them supple and very flexible for years. This is one of the best methods as it makes them last long.
  • Using the microwave: A sandwich of two paper towels and a leaf is exposed to the microwave for 30 seconds and taken out to dry. This method keeps the leaves for only a short time.
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