Fall Flowers for Your Landscape

Fall Flowers for Your Landscape

astersEveryone knows spring is the best time for gardening…right? True landscape experts understand that Fall is an underserved season. Plenty of beautiful flowers will thrive in the brisk, Fall weather. You can keep your landscape looking vibrant year round with carefully chosen landscape elements.

In fact, the best part about Fall is that the weather is perfect for gardening. The sweltering heat of spring and summer can keep even the most dedicated green thumbs reaching for lemonade, but the cool air of Fall keeps things enjoyable.

There are plenty of annuals and perennials from which to choose. While most gardeners are worn out by the time Fall comes around, it is a great opportunity to keep your landscape thriving with little work. If you are in a temperate region, flowers may even continue growing well into the winter.

Ready, Set, Grow!

Here are a few staple Fall flowers for any garden:

  • Mums — Mums are a great way to maintain the Fall theme in your garden. The bright oranges, yellows, and reds match the Fall aesthetic perfectly. Also, you can find a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs. Simply plant them at the beginning of Fall and cut them back during the winter. You will have plenty of color every holiday season!
  • Asters — Reach for an aster for the cooler tones. The purples and blues of these flowers provide an excellent contrast to the Fall colors. You will surely catch the eyes of a few neighbors as these flowers bloom deep into Fall. They tolerate a variety of soil conditions, so speak to a florist about the best type for your area.
  • Cabbage — These are great for a salad and for your garden! Flowering kale and cabbage provide wonderful colors. They are not the edible variety found in your grocery store. These guys are very resilient and can withstand a bit of frost.
  • Susans — The flowering yellow plants are great for all conditions. You can plant them in a large group to prevent too much drooping.
  • Coneflowers — Coneflowers attract plenty of butterflies and bees. Their perennial long-blooming season makes them staples in many gardens. Newer hybrid species are exceptionally resilient.
  • Sedums — Sedums are another incredible autumn flower. Their unique blooming shapes create a stunning addition to any landscape. These guys are hard to kill and can survive even the most novice gardeners.
  • Blanket Flowers — A favorite among many Fall gardeners, this perennial champion outlasts the heat of summer and the cool of winter. A variety of yellows, oranges, and dark reds make them a great choice. They are also easy to grow from seeds.
  • Sage — The lavender color of Russian sage provides plenty of color during the long blooming season. The large cloud shape of the plants makes them a perfect addition for hovering over their smaller brethren.
    There are plenty of other options for those looking to garden year round. Always choose plants to suit your unique soil and climate for optimal results. At Classic Landscapes Inc., our team has experience with creating beautiful environments throughout the area and during all parts of the year.

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